Yii 2 FAQ

And that’s pretty much it. I’m sure you can make it prettier, since I’m not much of a UI designer, but you get the main point here, which is how to move the FAQ data around and keep control over the order, which your clients will love.

I purposely avoided using the Listview and GridView widgets in this example to show you how you can use things like ArrayDataProvider without them. You can customize your UI as you wish, you are not limited to the widgets.

There is of course an entire backend implementation to the Faq model, which we did not cover, but if you’ve been following along in the book, you already know how to do it, it’s a fairly straightforward implementaion of a model with CRUD, using Gii.

Hopefully when you have a meeting with your client and you suggest to them how you can give them control over the order of their FAQs, they will be impressed, which is the desired result. We want to please those really difficult clients because that is how we get paid.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on FAQ and found it useful.

Thank you to everyone from around the world who reads this blog, your support is very much appreciated. Links, reviews, and comments will be greatly appreciated, thanks again and hope to see you soon!

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