Yii 2 vs. Laravel 5

It’s time for a new PHP framework poll, please feel free to participate and make your voice heard. The last poll, published March 15, 2014, was very successful and over 1100 programmers participated. Thanks to everyone who voted, it was a very interesting result.

UPDATED 4/27/15

Originally I wrote about the comparison between Laravel 5 and Yii 2. I decided I was overly negative to Laravel 5 and that I needed more time to fully explore the possibilities of that framework, so I have removed the review portion of this post.

In any event, both Laravel 5 and Yii 2 are great frameworks. Try them for yourselves and decide for yourselves. I hope you’ll participate in the poll at the top of the page and let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Yii 2 vs. Laravel 5”

  1. I have the same feeling towards symfony2. It uses decoupling and best practises, but i think sometimes principles are used as hard rules and the purpose of a framework is overlooked. I do not want to spend hours figuring out how i can make sure that is follow the rules. My boss does not want me to spent hours to do this either. So beter be in the middle of pragmatic and best practices. But like you said, you have to make up your own mind and figure out which framework feels good.

  2. I started with Laravel 4 a few weeks ago, just before L5 was released. My initial reaction was: Wow, the directory structure now is a mess. Why did they remove models? But if you watch a few videos or laracasts, you’ll know why. Jeff always created a new directory that contains the entire “business logic” – this is in quotation marks, because the line is indeed not very clear because of Eloquent.

    Anyways, while I can now understand why the models directory was removed, I agree with some of your points. I, too, think that the videos on laracast are a bit too easy. They don’t tackle the tough parts. But maybe, this is an easy fix, too.

    Maybe, I’ll give Yii a try.

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