Yii 2 For Beginners Update Image and File Management

I’m pleased to announce today the latest update of Yii 2 For Beginners with over 100 pages of new bonus material as of 3:00 pm pacific standard time on March 26, 2015. Anyone who has purchased on or before that date, and that includes today, can login to leanpub.com and pull down the latest version of the book.

As always, updates and bonus material for the book are free for the life of the book. Just login into your leanpub.com account and pull down the latest version. I highly recommend that you update to the latest version to get the most out of your purchase and take advantages of the new features built into the template.

I worked really hard to get this bonus material out to you, it covers a lot of new techniques, including use of Yii 2’s scenarios. The page count of the book is now over 600 pages. For those unfamiliar with the book, we take you step by step through setup and installation and then onto coding a reusable template.

The book features:

  • Setup and install
  • A Working user model
  • User registration and login
  • User Profile
  • Forgot password recovery
  • Frontend and backend/Admin separation
  • Helper classes
  • Access control
  • Free/Paid content control
  • RBAC with backend UI
  • JUI DatePicker
  • Facebook Social Widgets
  • Font-Awesome Implementation via CDN
  • Autoresponder Email for signup
  • Facebook Login & Registration with one click
  • Image Upload and Management
  • Multiple Social Auth Providers
  • Custom Data-driven Carousel Widget

More will be coming…

In this bonus material from this release, we cover basic image management, which includes uploading, updating and deleting both images and thumbnails. We also build a dynamically-driven carousel widget that is controlled by our admin UI.

You can set things like font size of the caption, show captions or not, show controls or not, etc., all from the backend UI.

This means you can hand total control of a key marketing area on the template over to the client and they will love that. Marketing is very important to clients and site admins and they will appreciate this level of detail.

I also went back to chapter 14 and added in the formatProviderResponse method both Google and Linkedin, which I had previously omitted. I’ve also included step by step instructions for setting up Google and Linked Apps, including screenshots to help you along.

While I was busy writing this update, some of our readers left positive reviews and comments on GoodReads.com, this blog, and the feedback section of the book’s landing page on Leanpub.com. This really inspired me to go all the way with the data-driven carousel and see how cool we could make it. I hope you like the results. I also hope you will contribute some positive comments and reviews of your own.

A number of readers also wrote in with typo notices and I jump on those immediately, with the turnaround within a few hours to 1 day. Everyone appreciates the efforts of all involved, it makes for a better reading experience for everyone.

Working on the Yii 2 framework is an amazing journey and I really enjoy sharing it with you. Thanks again for supporting our efforts.

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