Free Book By Eric Borgos

One of the people that mentored me early in my career as an entrepreneur was Eric Borgos, a web wizard who made millions as a one-man operation. Eric recently wrote a book, How to Make Money Online, and he has generously made his book available to my readers for free. All he asks in return is that you review it on Amazon.

You can find the free downloads here for each version:

I can tell you from personal experience that Eric has wisdom to share. I have benefitted from that wisdom myself, his advice and encouragement helped me launch my own business career many years ago.

Eric’s book is a fascinating read for anyone who is trying to make money online, but it’s especially potent for developers because it gives you a sense for what can be done if you have skills. Eric wasn’t a programmer, he always had to pay for programming, but nevertheless he has an engineering sensibility that found efficiencies in interesting places.

I highly recommend this as a pleasure read for anyone who is working in tech, and that’s a very broad way of describing it these days, but I like it because it encompasses so much. If you ever get the chance to sit down with someone as brilliant as Eric is to pick his brain, take that opportunity. You will be amazed at how much you can learn. His book is getting a well-deserved 5 star rating.

Thanks again to everyone for all the positive reviews on Yii 2 For Beginners. Also special thanks to all the programmers from around the world who follow my blogs, all likes, comments, and reviews are greatly appreciated.