Laravel 5.3 For Beginners in Top 10 Weekly Sales on

I was under insane pressure this summer because not only did I have a new baby and had to move, but I was working long hours on my latest book, Laravel 5.3 For Beginners. I’m really happy that the hard work seems to have paid off, because, as of this writing, and just 7 days on the market, the book has entered the top 10 weekly sellers on

Thank you to everyone who is supporting my work. It’s nice to see this because I put a lot into this book, which comes in at 679 pages. I’ve gone really deep into the data grid example, which uses Vue.js to create a searchable, sortable, and paginated data grid. I also work in a Chart.js example using Vue.js as well, and we create that so we format all the data for the data and labels in PHP, which can be a real pain. The chart helper we create formats a number of date ranges for us automatically, so this is a handy example for future projects.

Also, Laravel 5.3 ships with an example Vue.js component, which we use to run through the very basics of Vue.js. Even though this is a Laravel book, we take some time to learn a little about Vue.js. Then we use that knowledge to get into the more complex examples with the data grid and the charts.

Vue.js has been widely adopted by the Laravel community, so much so, that it is preconfigured with the framework out of the box. This makes using it incredibly simple, and when you learn how to use Vue.js, you will understand why so many developers are using it.

We also cover in the book using Elixir, which, with Laravel 5.3, has become even easier to use. So I decided to include that in this book and we cover things like transpiling from ES6 and versioning. It’s really very easy to do now and it’s one of many amazing features of the Laravel framework.

The book starts out with super simple beginner level code and advance towards a more intermediate level in later chapters. For example, in the beginning, we cover the basics of Auth and the easy-but-powerful make:auth artisan command, which stands up your auth views in an instant. Later in the book, we modify all this to incorporate one-click registration through Facebook and Github.

I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to how you spend your educational dollars, so I’m trying to live up to that. Whenever I’m writing, I try to hold my work to a very high standard. I try to write something worthy of a positive review, something worthy of my mission, which is to help beginning programmers advance their skill level and do well in monetizing that skill. So thanks again everyone for sharing the passion and the journey. See you soon.

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