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Free Bonus Material for Laraboot: Laravel 5.2 For Beginners Released Today

Bonus chapter 12 for Laraboot: Laravel 5.2 For Beginners is complete and has been added to the book. You can download the latest copy for free by logging into your account and pulling down the latest copy. All updates and bonus material are free for the life of the book.

Chapter 12 introduces ViewMaker 3.1. ViewMaker is a free artisan plugin that you can download. I created this plugin myself to streamline workflow when you are standing up a model, views, datagrid, etc. I wasn’t happy with the idea of copying and pasting and this is so much better. It’s also better than using a template from your IDE because it chains a bunch of templates together and stands them up all at once.

ViewMaker has an incredibly simple set of commands to use, however, they do a lot, so I go fairly in depth on how to use it. The concept of making a foundation by using the make:foundation command is introduced, and that gives you everything in one command, including routes, model, migration, controller, api controller, unit test, factory method, and views, which include datatables ajax-powered grid.

ViewMaker supports different template types, so you can go with a vue.js option for example, which will also give you a working datagrid in vue.js.

ViewMaker also has a make:master command, which creates a layouts folder with a master page in it, along with all the view partials, just like we made in the book, but with a single command.

The workflow improvement is phenomenal. When you have a model you want to stand up into a working datagrid, with the make:foundation command, you can get it all done in under 1 minute.

I’m going to continue to work on ViewMaker over the course of the next year to enhance its features and build out template choices. It does a lot now, but I’m hoping to get it to the point where you feel you can’t live without it. Once it installed, you will be updated automatically every time you run composer update.

I will continue to work to help you meet some of your programming goals with Laravel. If you have a positive experience with this book, please leave a review at:

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Laraboot: Laravel 5.2 For Beginners Available Now

Laraboot: Laravel 5.2 For Beginners Available Now

I’m proud to announce the release of Laraboot: Laravel 5.2 For Beginners.

I just completed the rewrite, since the original book was written for 5.1 and some important things changed from 5.1 to 5.2, especially with the Auth traits.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to update my Laravel book in a timely manner, since the Laravel framework itself evolves so quickly. I figured that the changes from 5.1 to 5.2 wouldn’t be substantial enough to warrant it, but then I decided to do a new project in Laravel, and when I started using 5.2, I realized that the improvements were valuable enough to justify the work.

For example, 5.2 has a handy artisan command for creating the Auth views, so that is a real time saver. With routes, we now have a web group that we use, which uses web middleware, and we have accounted for that change as well.

I also rewrote the socialite implementation, revising the ManagesSocial trait to make it easier to follow. These are big improvements to the template, if you want to use it as a starter for your projects.

The new edition of the book also includes a ManagesImages trait, which helps make the image management code reusable, and we also use a config file to bring in defaults, so this is new material for the book, now 467 pages. I think you will like it.

Doing this version of the book gave me a chance to go over everything and make it as clear as possible, so I think you will some improvements there. I’ve updated the Laraboot github repository to the latest version as well.

I hope this book helps you meet some of your programming goals with Laravel. If you have a positive experience with it, please leave a review at:

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