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Yii 2 Para Principiantes Published Today, it’s Yii 2 For Beginners translated into Spanish

I’m happy to announce that Yii 2 Para Principiantes has been published today. This is Yii 2 For Beginners translated into Spanish language by Victor Hugo Garcia.

Victor put a lot of great work into this translation, including translating class names and DB tables into Spanish names when appropriate. The translation covers the core book, up through chapter 11. After that, the bonus chapters are provided in English and will be updated into Spanish as they become available.

Anyone who purchases the book, whether it is the Spanish Version or the English version gets free updates for the life of the book. All you have to do is login and pull down the latest version.

Like its English counterpart, Yii 2 Para Principiantes will take you step by step through setup and installation, and then on to coding in one of the most exciting PHP framework available today. The book focuses on creating a reusable template that can serve as the basis for your projects, including the following features:

      Setup and install
      A Working user model
      User registration and login
      User Profile
      Forgot password recovery
      Frontend and backend separation
      Helper classes
      Access control
      Free/Paid content control
      RBAC with backend UI
      JUI DatePicker
      Facebook Social Widgets
      Font-Awesome Implementation
      Image Upload and Management
      Multiple Social Auth Providers
      Custom Data-driven Carousel Widget
    Facebook Login & Registration with one click

I’d like to give a personal thanks to Victor, who not only gave me a great review on the book at, but then later also volunteered to write the translation. He put a lot of work into it, so that is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again to all the programmers from around the world who have supported the book, it makes this work possible. I hope you find the book helpful.